All you need to know about WrestleMania 33 | WrestleMania 2017

WWE, WrestleMania which is largely known mania is one of the most watched indoor sports. Well the very first WrestleMania was held in Madison Square Garden in the New York City on 31st march 1985.

Ever since then they have produced about 32 seasons already, this has contributed drastically to the world wide success of the merchandise of WWE. The wide spread success of the WrestleMania has changed and transformed the professional wrestling.  The financial and success after the very first match of WrestleMania, company secured the tag of the most successful promotions in the United States.
WrestleMania centers the main events matches mainly on the WWE championships, as well as the matches which included the sportsman like the Lawrence Taylor (An American footballer).  The sports have given rise to stardom to many WrestleMania fighters. WrestleMania being a very big platform many events have taken place in the sports arena in the big cities. There were many innovations in the match and their patterns were one of them was Money in the Bank ladder match in the season 21 which went historical and was loved by people.
According to the sources in the month of April, WrestleMania 33 will be held at the Champing World Stadium, and in the year 2018 on April 8th WrestleMania 34 will be held at Mercedes Benz Superdome in the New Orleans, Louisiana. With the growing love of the WWE there are many more seasons to be witnessed by us.

Celebrities in WrestleMania

Over the years many celebrities were part of Wrestlemania, they all were part with varying level of involvement. The main events of the wrestlemania showcased many celebrities at the opening events like Billy Martin and Muhammad Ali played at the main event and wrestled against the Hulk Hogan.
Celebrities like Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow were seen at the wrestlemania XI and Mike Tyson witnessed wrestlemania  15 as the special guest.
The wrestlemania event has also witnessed many musical performances of different stars like Little Richard, Boyz II men, John Legend.

How do we become a hardcore WWE fan in simple steps?

  • Understand the rules of the WWE, though the rules are complicated to understand at the beginning one can still learn them and understand them as and when time passes by but only if they watch the TV show regularly.
  • Know the stars, many fighters and even celebrities participate in WWE and if you want to know the indoor sport well enough you must have a clear idea and identify each celebrity and their trait in the ring.
  • Try to order a WWE pay per view, well if you want to be a fan of this in simple and easy ways become a part of this, one can at least try with two or one pay per view, to know how they are like. One pay might cost you around 9 dollars.


Moving on the rules of WWE, well firstly let me tell you that there are many rules of WWE but here are few rules that we didn’t know and are hidden rules of Wrestlemania and following are they.

  1. High heels are not being worn on the ring apron in the carmel by the sea California. Carmel is well known for some unique laws and this is one of them.
  2. Dallas is required independent and they should even have licensed inspectors to measure the distance end to end of the Tag rope. The main purpose of this rope is to avoid any illegal partners entering the ring apron. However when it comes to Dallas they must be independent and the inspectors will also entail to have a recertification biannually.
  3. Well this one is something very unique and many people are unknown of the fact that the General Managers have the right to restart entire the Royal Rumble Match again, and for the reference one can see the last two Royal Rumble Match the finalists are eliminated concurrently.
  4. If you have ever watched WWE you might be well aware of the multi person’s match and they are limited and restricted only from 12 against, these contests are in Tillamook Oregon.
  5. Bizzare isn’t it? Baby blue trunks are banned in the North Carolina on the Wednesdays. Though the current super stars do not have much effect of this on them.

Here are some best matches experienced in the wrestlemania back in the years. The criteria for these matches to  be in the top was imprecise having a mixed quality of the highest watches, big fight feel and the historical significance.

  1. Bret Hart Vs Roddy Piper, this match was a part of wrestlemania VIII.

2. In the wrestlemania XXV a match between the undertaker VS edge was historical in the season.

3. Money in the Bank ladder match which went viral was a part of the wrestlemania XXI.
4. Mick Foley VS edge was a real deadly wrestlemania match in the 22nd season of wrestlemania .

5.We all love The Undertaker don’t we? Well do you remember the match in the Wrestlemania XXVIII, Undertaker VS Triple H.

6. Kurt Angle VS Brock Lesnar a big time hit of the Wrestlemania XIX.

7.John Cena Vs Shawn Michaels, in the very first time in the 9 years, Shawn Michaels moved forward and got a fellow Team Tag Championship.

So these were the top 7 best and worth re watch matches in the history of the Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania  has been now one of the most liked Television show, the fact that is loved and admired by all the youth and men and now even women to some extent inspired of its constant rumors of being scripted, the indoor sports is still doing great and is winning millions of hearts every new season.
Thank you.

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All you need to know about WrestleMania 33 | WrestleMania 2017

Watch high quality videos of WrestleMania only at

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All you need to know about WrestleMania 33 | WrestleMania 2017

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