Wrestlemania 15 - Facts & Stats

Wrestlemania 15 – Facts & Stats

WrestleMania WWE has been our favorite and it is also one of the most loved indoor games. WrestleMania has already covered up many seasons and every season has something unique to cater us. Here are some crazy and interesting facts we must know about WrestleMania 15.  WrestleMania season 15 has been a hell of a roll coaster season, every match fought in the ring was historical and there were many changes made in the WWE after this season right from the logo to the ring color and many more things which we must know.


Brawl for All

At the WrestleMania XV the most unique match was held in the history and it was the “Brawl for All” this match was between the two pitting pro boxer butterbean and Gunn and within the start 34 seconds of the match itself Butterbean won the match.

WWE Championship

In the WWE championship XV, Stone cold defeated the rock and won the championship. And this made him the first man ever to Win WWE Championship consecutive.  Prior to this he had won the same match against the Michaels.

Champion’s Winning

A battle royal which was held at the only one of its kind condition the last two men which were left standing was to team up to dare Owen Hart and Jeff Jarret for the World Tag Team Championship at night in the WrestleMania. The Test and D’L Brown and they won a victorious in the battle royal and they still retained their challenges.

Return of Triple H

Triple H turned his back on the faction in this season; this was after he won limelight from the popular D- Generation X for a year.

First Match

WrestleMania xv was the first ever season which witnessed the first ever hardcore match between the two Snow Billy Gunn and the Hardcore Holly.

Intercontinental Championship

Gold dust won over the Road Dogg at the Intercontinental Championship and this was one of the most hard-hitting fights in the history of WrestleMania XV. Kane and X-Pac also won the Jeff Jarret and Owen Hart and won the World Tag Team Championship in the WrestleMania XV.

WrestleMania Rage Party

-Before the season XV WrestleMania started there was a party one night before it known as the “WrestleMania rage party” this party witnessed many musical acts and superstars. This pre WrestleMania party was one of the most hardcore parties in the whole of WrestleMania.

Omen’s Untracked Hattrick

Jarret was the third different champion at the World Tag Team championship in the season XV, as Owen Hart accompanied him and defended the match. And in the very next season of WrestleMania Owen and Yokozuna won the World Tag Team championship. Prior to the season XV of WrestleMania Owen also won a match with the British bulldog, this is one of the craziest fact that owen has been considerably performing excellent in the World Tag Team Championship and accompanied and won with his partners.

Main Event, Pinfall

-In this season at the time when Stone Cold defeated the Rock at WWE Champion, Mick Foley had counted the Pinfall at the main event of the WrestleMania XV.

Red Ring or Black Ring

WrestleMania season XV was the last season which had red ring ropes ever since then the WrestleMania ring had black ring ropes.

Deja Vu Match

After the match in the WrestleMania season XV, brood came down from the ceiling and also lowered a noose into the cell that was the place was under taker had hung the Big Boss Man off the top cell.

Last Match of the Legends

This season was marked as the last of the Gorilla Monsoon and the owen who then passed away in the year 1999. This is one of the prime reasons that WrestleMania season XV was historic.

WrestleMania Logo

Ever since the WrestleMania 16, the logo of the WrestleMania has changed. In the season XV the WrestleMania’s logo was the last time used in the classic font and which was initially started from the year 1985.

First Season

Not only this but this was even the first ever season where WrestleMania rings to use a solid barricade around the rings earlier they used metal bars.

Hell in the Cell Match

The undertaker had defeated the Big boss man in the Hell in the cell match. This one was one of the most watched and loved match in the history of WrestleMania.

So these were some incredible facts about WrestleMania Season XV which one should know. WrestleMania Season 15 has witnessed many things and was one of the most historic seasons because of the above mentioned facts.

WrestleMania Season XV was even some big players last matches and some terrible winnings and also some unpredictable losses.

10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 15 Facts

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