triple H vs Booker T

Triple H vs Booker T

Triple H vs Booker T – World Heavyweight Championship Match

The minute when Triple H stuck Booker T’s shoulders to the tangle at WrestleMania XIX is a minute that we as a whole wish to overlook…

On September 2, 2002, Triple H was given the World Heavyweight Championship on a silver platter by Eric Bischoff. Inside the setting of the story, Triple H did nothing to wind up plainly champion. It was a double push to get both Bischoff and Triple H over as awful heels.

Triple H started his “rule of dread” by enrolling the administrations of the unbelievable Ric Flair as his director and pulverizing future stars of WWE.

While folks like Rob Van Dam, Kane, Chris Jericho and Booker T were in the authoritative primes of their vocations, a maturing, damage inclined Triple H ran harsh shot over every one of them driving into Survivor Series 2002 at Madison Square Garden.

Booker T crushed some of WWE’s greatest names, for example, Kurt Angle, in the vicinity of 2001 and 2003. He additionally hurled Rock over the top rope for the WrestleMania WWE title shot when the main contender fight regal on RAW boiled down to two men.

Despite everything it befuddles me. The entire storyline was about how individuals like Booker T don’t win huge matches and win world titles. The entire story was about Booker T’s street from an inconvenience high schooler to a games performer, and one of the key figures of WCW.

I get it, Vince McMahon ain’t never going to give WCW a chance to prevail upon the WWE beat folks. Be that as it may, then why put a storyline like that just so that Triple H wins? What’s the purpose of recounting this genuine underdog story for Booker T, and afterward simply make him resemble a damn trick in the greatest occasion of the year?

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