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Melina Perez is a resigned female expert wrestler, best known for her six year residency in WWE, where she has held the Women’s Championship three times and the Divas Championship twice. She has been both a face and a heel in her WWE profession, yet she has invested the vast majority of her energy as a villainess.

Melina Perez began as a marvel exhibition contender before turning into a free wrestler, and made her WWE make a big appearance in 2005 as a supervisor. Melina won three Women’s Championships and two Divas Championships, and Bret Hart even called her one of the best wrestlers on the planet at the time. So what is Melina up to nowadays? She had been blogging for a long while up until 2014 when her site appeared to abandon refreshes for some time. Melina has been doing some demonstrating work and associating with fans via web-based networking media to oblige it. Melina disclosed to Jim Ross in 2015 that her association with previous wrestler, John Morrison, had finished.

Since her in-ring debut in 2005, Melina has been basically at the bleeding edge of the WWE’s ladies’ division. She is effectively one of the best female wrestlers the organization has, and in this current fan’s conclusion, positions inside the main five (Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, and Jillian make up the staying four). Be that as it may, since Night of Champions a month prior, her vocation appears to have taken a noteworthy crash.

Despite the fact that Melina has been in the spotlight before and has been champion a few times, this is not something to be thankful for. Since losing in her rematch for the Divas Championship on RAW the night after said pay-per-see, she has been decreased to a part that is not as much as alluring, without a doubt.

She was the first dispensed with in a diva fight illustrious, utilized as an asskisser for a RAW visitor have (close by Gail Kim, who has been similarly situated Melina is presently in, yet for much more), as minor gorgeous sight, or not seen on the red brand by any means.

One of the circumstances she wasn’t even on RAW, it worked out that she had a match and ensuing win against Alicia Fox on Superstars. I’m extremely happy she got a triumph, yet I’m generally baffled when one of my top choices is on that show, on the grounds that, as an individual from a family unit that subscribes to Time Warner, I don’t get the WGN America channel.

We should quick forward to the present, and to the previous evening’s RAW. Melina collaborated with individual criminally-underused diva Gail Kim. I moaned and feigned exacerbation when I understood they would have been LayCool’s adversaries for their label group coordinate. It’s at the point where you don’t need to ponder what will happen, and even less in this way, who will win.

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