Daniel Bryan wins Intercontinental Championship - Full Match

Daniel Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship

Daniel Bryan wins Intercontinental Championship – Full Match


Daniel Bryan might not have been in the headliner of WrestleMania 31 Sunday night, yet he’ll leave Levi’s Stadium with a title he’s never won. Bryan caught Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental title in a seven-man step coordinate.

The stepping stool coordinate opened the principle appear, and despite the fact that there were an excessive number of bodies in the ring for the match to be a genuine great, there were various dazzling spots. Stardust was superplexed off the highest point of the tallest stepping stool in the ring, and Luke Harper later powerbombed Dean Ambrose through a stepping stool propped up on the cook’s garment.

Daniel Bryan won the pursuit for the WWE Intercontinental title in the wake of besting six different whizzes and climbing a stepping stool to guarantee the belt at WrestleMania 31.

Truth be told, WrestleMania 31 started the way WrestleMania 30 finished—with Bryan standing triumphant, title close by.

Terrible News Barrett was the champion coming into this match, however he hasn’t had the belt much. Since WWE Fastlane, the IC title storyline has revolved around the members in this match attempting to take it from him, regularly deceiving him into turning away while they take it, or giving him a fake belt. When Barrett recovered it, Director of Operations Kane removed it from him since it must be swung from the rafters for this stepping stool coordinate.

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